Ajax Pet Funeral Services

What to Do When My Pet Dies at Home In Ajax?

The mission of Pathway is to provide pet funeral services in Ajax and the Durham Region in a dignified manor with the compassion and care needed.The passing of your beloved pet is not something that people really want to think about. However, death is a part of life and inevitably it will happen so it is important for you to know what to do when the time comes. Having this knowledge will let you make rational decisions rather than making an already stressful and heartbreaking experience even more overwhelming on you.Are you considering pet cremation? Sometimes your pet just passes away at home in Ajax and when that happens, you need to have an idea of what to do next.

Pet Cremation in Ajax

We are available  7 days a week from 9AM to 9PM  for appointments.It can be easier to plan for this type of situation before it occurs. Your pet is a part of your family so having a plan like you would for any other member of your family will give you one less thing to worry about when their time comes. This is a situation that can be overwhelming, planning ahead can help ease this stress and allow you the time that you need to mourn.If you are considering pet cremation in Ajax please contact us today so we can assist you in your time of need.