At Pathway Pet we walk you through the process of dealing with the loss of your pet and help you decide on a plan for what comes next.

In home Consultation and Transportation.

All plans include in home consultation and transportation of your pet from your home or veterinarians office. We are a mobile service. We pick up your pet from your home or your vets office anywhere in Durham Region and arrange for your pet’s cremation. We deliver your pets ashes back to you along with any memorial products you may purchase. We also offer courier service if you prefer. All of this we provide to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Communal Pet Cremation

During a communal cremation, your pet is gently placed in the crematorium in a group setting with other pets.The communally cremated remains are later interred in a communal burial plot at the Ancaster Pet Cemetery as a final tribute. Each communal burial plot is identified with a Pets Above cemetery marker.It is important to note that with this service, the cremated remains of your beloved pet will not be returned to you. You may want to consider creating a lasting keepsake of your pet with one of our beautiful kiln fired paw prints.

Private Pet Cremation

With our private cremation service, the crematory is reserved exclusively for your pet. Your pet will be cremated alone, and the cremated remains will be returned to you as a treasured keepsake.We no longer offer to arrange for the outdated service of “individual” (partitioned) cremations at Pathway Pet – only 100% truly private cremations.Upon completion of the private cremation, the cremated remains of your pet will be carefully removed and placed in the urn of your choice. A signed certificate of cremation is included with this service.

Private Pet Cremation plus Viewing

During this difficult and emotional time we offer you the opportunity to use the comfortable visitation room at the crematorium and say a private, final farewell to your pet.Upon completion of the visitation and private cremation at our facility, you will be able to take the cremated remains of your beloved pet home with you.If you select this service the crematory, Pets Above,  will contact you to arrange an appointment that fits your schedule. They are the only crematory to offer this service after regular working hours and on weekends.

Angel of Mercy Service

We understand that not all pet owners can either physically or emotionally get their pets to their veterinarians appointment. We will transport your pet to your veterinarians office and stay with them for the euthanasia process, then proceed with the plans you have chosen for pet cremation.

Memorial Service

At your home, inquire for more information.